Panther Security Screen Doors

Starting from only $600

The Panther Protect product range combines efficient manufacturing techniques (50% more effective when compared to other systems) with smarter design.

These frames lock under load and provide the most stylish and highly effective range of security products available.

Using only quality materials including Panther Protect 316 Stainless Steel with an Ultimate tensile Strength of 1060MPA or our galvanised products have a UTS of 1300MPA that not only exceeds that of competitive products, it is far above the strength of standard steel (read more on UTS here).

Products are tested to far exceed your expectations and include dynamic impact, knife shear, salt spray, forced entry and longevity tests. There is a lot of talk around who has the toughest screens – the Australian Standards are set in place to ensure all customers receive a screen that is secure. Why pay too much for big claims? (Our stainless steel doors meet and exceed AS5039, AS5040, AS3595 & AS5041. Read more on Australian Standards here. ) it also meets requirements for construction level 1, 2 & 3 in bushfire prone areas.

The Panther system has a stylish bull nose shaped, heavy duty frame and locking system. The design includes a specially shaped corrugated slot within.

Opposing offset formation and locking block to retain the mesh. This assembly is distinct from the patented systems to deliver the ultimate flexibility and modern and stylish look far exceeding other security products available today.

All security screen doors come with triple locks (secured at top, middle and bottom) to reduce weak spots and leverage for pull back and a custom nib on the inside for fast exit in emergency. No need to look for keys.

You will have a wide range of colours to choose from including wood grain fames. (have a look at our range of colours here)

This smart frame design will fit stainless steel, diamond grille and insect screens allowing you to have the same stylish and consistent look and feel throughout your home even if you choose a different screen on different entry points to your home.

This product also lasts the test of time. When dissimilar materials are used in contact with one another, a galvanic reaction can occur, causing corrosion and weakness, common with many other security products on the market today. Panther Protect has been designed to help eliminate contact between materials by using a locking block which secures the mesh to the frame, eliminating the need for crimping, screwing or clamping using inhibiting tape to separate the mesh from the frame and powder coating the frame, mesh and locks.

This is why you get a 12 year warranty.

For more information please visit Panther Protect